RÖNESANS ÇELİK is engaged in the design, fabrication, construction and erection of structural steel and industrial plants at national and international level.
For RÖNESANS ÇELİK, achieving high quality standards and ensuring customer satisfaction in all national and international activities is an integral part of our business objectives.
RÖNESANS ÇELİK bases its Quality Policy on the following principles:
– Paying attention to the satisfaction of customers and RÖNESANS ÇELİK solution partners by identifying and respecting the requirements of the projects carried out;
– Awareness that the Quality of Results depends on the effectiveness, efficiency and control of the production process, which encompasses the entire organization;
– Compliance with applicable mandatory regulations, technical standards and contractual technical requirements;
– Execution of the acquired projects in accordance with the requirements provided, within the agreed deadlines and budget, without affecting or compromising the level of Quality provided.

As a result, RÖNESANS ÇELİK implements a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO standard 9001/2015 as a guide for corporate Quality management. This Quality Management System is focused on increasing RÖNESANS ÇELİK competitiveness in national and international markets.
The following activities are considered an essential and integral part of this policy:
– Continuous improvement of company performance through planning and implementation of the Quality Management System and identification of risks and opportunities;
– To collect, process, file and report all feedback and experiences to relevant levels within the corporate organization;
– To train company personnel on the principles and tools of the Quality Management System and to communicate policies and objectives to appropriate levels of the organization;

– To plan and implement an effective internal audit system to assess the adequacy of the Quality Management System and to identify deficiencies in order to ensure continuous improvement;
– To make a critical evaluation of the Quality targets in light of the results achieved and to set new targets based on the data obtained from the measurements made.

The responsibility for defining this Policy, the relevant Quality Objectives and the subsequent actions for its implementation, including the allocation of the relevant resources, has been delegated to RÖNESANS ÇELİK Senior Management.
RÖNESANS ÇELİK Quality Management Department is responsible for supporting the Senior Management and Process Managers determined by the Company in the development and implementation of the Quality Management System and for adequate supervision of the results obtained in the relevant processes in line with the targets set.
All RÖNESANS ÇELİK personnel are called upon to contribute to the implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Management System in relation to their own work.